University of Brighton Graduate Show 2015

My tableware takes inspiration from patterns and geometric forms seen in the every day, particularly those in architecture. The functional wares allow construction and modification through stacking and tessellating modular forms, with additional stainless steel and wooden components – materials picked for their industrial, architectural qualities. The pieces become interactive and changeable, transforming them into 3D collages, with photographic imagery piecing together new cityscapes along with bright and playful interior slips.

When not on the table the product’s interchangeable features allow for easy, space-saving storage, or alternatively provide other uses such as containers or as feature pieces in the home. The line between art and function is blurred with the mixture of flowing curves and straight lines along with a synchronisation of materials, to be used as functional home/ tableware or as adaptable display pieces – or indeed a mixture of both.

IMAG1935 IMAG1939 IMAG1937 IMAG1940 IMAG1936 IMAG1941 IMG_1173 IMAG1967 IMG_1161 IMG_1159

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